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Admissions Criteria

Admissions Criteria

Methodist Children’s Home accepts residents into a Therapeutic Group Home and a Therapeutic Foster Home. Exceptions to this are made in emergency situations with the approval of the Mississippi Department of Human Services and Mississippi Department of Mental Health. Youth 18 and older are admitted on a case-by-case basis with the approval of the Vice President of Programs and Services.

Youth that qualify for service at Methodist Children’s Home have some of the following characteristics:

· Dependent, Neglected, Need Shelter, Need Protection due to current living situation.

· Suffered some form of physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

· Having difficulty emotionally and psychologically.

· Express anger verbally and occasionally physically aggressive.

· Pregnant teens and/or teen mothers.

Youth that do not qualify for service at Methodist Children’s Home have the following characteristics:

· Currently dependent on or abusing any addictive substances

· Medically fragile, actively suicidal, psychotic or homicidal.

· Have significant physical handicaps that prevent independent mobility.

· Legal situations that ended in violent offenses and physical aggression

Referral Process

All referrals must go through the Mississippi Department of Human Services Placement Division. Referrals are initiated by a “Residential Service Application”.

Voluntary/Private Placements

A Voluntary/Private Placement occurs when the parents or legal guardian of a child are in need of placement services. Priority is given to referrals initiated through a United Methodist Church. All voluntary placement referrals must be approved by the President and CEO or designee.


Please send all questions regarding admissions to Christin Odom, Admissions Coordinator at

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